One membership, limitless opportunities.

The pay-to-stay model is outdated, so we've flipped it on its head. As a member-owner of Cohere, you get paid to live your best life.
Member benefits

Own a piece of home without it owning you.

Our innovative model provides members with shared ownership of a cooperative network of homes around the world. Why own one home when you can have many — without the mortgage or the maintenance.

Friends with benefits.

Members have access to a suite of collaboration tools, exclusive events and a network of affiliate providers and partner locations.
  • Access our partner communities, and be the first to know when we open new locations so you can secure your spot
  • Our community portal makes it easy to find, connect and stay in touch with members, projects and events within the network
  • Benefit from exclusive discounts from our growing network of products and services that support the progressive lifestyle of our members

Thriving together.

As a member you're also a shareholder, which means our success is yours as well — as it should be.
  • Membership dues are automatically applied toward shares in the company, which means your money is working for you
  • Share value appreciates commensurate with the company's valuation, backed by our increasing portfolio of real estate assets
  • No limitations on the investment amount or frequency, and you can liquidate at any point by trading your shares on a secondary market

Life without borders.

We believe that home ownership and location independence shouldn't be mutually exclusive.
  • Share value appreciates as we expand locations and increase revenue, creating a passive investment opportunity for members
  • The more you (and other members) participate within the network the more your shares increase in value, providing a continuously appreciating standard of living
  • Travel freely amongst a global network of locations that integrate personal growth, professional development and spiritual wellbeing
How we're different

The evolution of home.

Our member-owned network of cohabitation spaces provide the flexibility of renting and the value of owning.
Single Home
Integrated wellbeing
Tax incentive
Join the community

Life as an investment.

For the cost of a daily latte, you gain access to a global network of cohabitation spaces designed with the high-functioning remote worker in mind. As a member you're also a shareholder — which means the more you stay the more you get paid.
  • Dues are immediately applied toward shares
  • Access the member portal to track your investment
  • Exclusive discounts within our affiliate network
  • Access to the community hub and project portal
Become a member-owner
100% of your membership dues are applied toward equity shares in the network
Save 20%
Become a member-owner
100% of your membership dues are applied toward equity shares in the network