Your community. Our members. Shared values.

We curate values-aligned people and purpose-aligned properties with the intention of creating shared spaces for our members to live, work and thrive together.

We're flipping homeownership on its head.

Our global network of coliving communities combine the flexibility of renting and the value of owning — without the burden of a mortgage or maintenance.


Building community can be complicated.

Let our network of motivated members, aligned partners and innovative technology solutions provide the support you need to unlock the potential of your property and bring your dream to life.
Optimized Earnings

Capitalize on the growing demand for community living by transforming your property into a generative coliving space

Simplified Operations

Our technology does the heavy lifting so you can enjoy all the benefits of community living, without any of the hassle

Incentivized Support

Our Workshare™ program incentivizes members to maintain and enhance your community by rewarding them with $COHERE equity *Available soon

Curated Community

To provide a coherent experience across locations, our communities and our members undergo an extensive due diligence process

Increased Exposure

We promote your listings across all of our channels, because the strength of the network relies on the livelihood of our communities

Integrated Systems

A feature-rich Community Management System (CMS) integrates all of the tools you need to operate your community with ease

CMS Platform

More time living, less time managing.

Your community has a lot of moving parts. Our Community Management System (CMS) makes it easy to stay on top of them with everything you need to run your community in one centralized location.

Channel Manager

All of your listings, under one roof.

Integrate your listings from Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, and hundreds of other distribution channels to increase your visibility, streamline communications, minimize errors and maximize revenue — all from a single dashboard.
Concierge Onboarding

Easy onboarding, on us.

Our team will guide you through a frictionless onboarding process, minimizing the effort to get your community up and running as quickly as possible. You provide the details, we do the work.
Member Contributions

Our members, your workforce.

Through our Workshare™ program, members are empowered to step into leadership within the community while earning $COHERE equity for their services — enabling community builders to leverage the value of the company to compensate member contributions.

*Available soon
CMS Features

Command central for your community.

Our fully integrated Community Management System (CMS) lets you automate operations, optimize pricing and manage your team with ease.

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Channel Manager

Manage your listings across 100+ channels to increase visibility, bookings and revenue — without the need for multiple dashboards

Calendar Sync

Eliminate double bookings and sync across channels with a unified calendar that lets you track and manage all of your reservations

Unified Messaging

View and respond to all of your messages — including email, SMS, Whatsapp, and OTA messages — in one unified inbox

Concierge Support

Let our team of experienced operators and technicians support you with setting up your listings and syncing your existing channels

Revenue Management

Maximize your revenue with custom pricing strategies that can be applied automatically across all distribution channels

Simplified Accounting

Eliminate the time and cost of traditional bookkeeping with a fully automated solution that crunches the numbers for you

Payment Processing

Process payments and automate recurring transactions with integrated payment options designed with long-term stays in mind

Custom Reports

Make data-informed decisions and monitor your performance with custom reports that focus on the metrics that matter

Task Management

Easily prioritize, delegate and set clear ownership of tasks to ensure everything gets done on time, on spec and under budget

Mobile Management

Manage reservations, sync your tasks and stay connected no matter where you are with our native app

Member CRM

Collect, manage, and transform your reservation opportunities into satisfied guests, all on one platform

Advanced Analytics

Access sophisticated analytics tools and actionable insights into how your property is performing

Optional Add-ons

And you thought it couldn't get any easier.

We’re partnering with insurance providers, financial institutions and technology products to streamline the operations of your community — leaving more time to enjoy the company of your guests.

Transparent Pricing

Budget-friendly pricing catered to the needs of your community.

Whether you’re managing a single community or hundreds of listings across multiple properties, our hybrid pricing model ensures that you’re only paying for the value that you need.

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Direct Bookings
5% Integrated channels ¹
2.9% Payment processing
$500 Onboarding fee ²
per month ³
Community Management System (CMS)
Recurring payment processing (weekly, monthly, etc.)
Integrated booking channels (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)
Centralized operations (messages, calendars, etc.)
Team management (tasks, calendars, communications, etc.)
Customized analytics reporting (revenue, churn, etc.)
Revenue management (accounting, pricing, etc.)
¹  Integrated channels include any transactions that come through connected booking service providers (i.e. Airbnb)
²  We are currently waiving our $500 onboarding fee for a limited time
³  Premium CMS features are available at no cost during a 30-day trial; opt-in required for continued use
Comparable Services

Being different is what makes a difference.

With the understanding that your property is more than a commodity, the value of our network becomes obvious.

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Integrated CMS
Booking platforms
Self-hosted listings
Performance-based fees
Our pay-per-stay fees are competitively priced alongside the leading online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Airbnb, VRBO and Flatio
Curated members
Our members have been hand-selected based on values alignment, commitment to service and dedication to personal development
Incentivized contributions
Our Workshare™ program incentivizes members to maintain and enhance your community by issuing $COHERE equity for their contributions *Available soon
Community Management System (CMS)
Manage reservations and communications, sync calendars and tasks and stay connected to your community
Comprehensive liability insurance
Built-in coverage means no more security deposits from residents, which creates a better experience for them and less hassle for you
Integrated booking channels
Reach more guests by listing, updating, and managing your community on all the major booking sites from one central dashboard
Revenue management
Simplify your bookkeeping with our automated payment processing, accounting tools, custom reports and price optimization
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Coliving, with a purpose.

Together, we are accelerating the expansion of conscious living through a common vision, aligned values and shared meals.
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Onboarding Process

From application to activation, we support you every step of the way.

Our experienced team works with you to learn about your community, identify your needs and optimize your listings to ensure you’re attracting the tribe that matches your vibe.
Submit your property

Our application process allows us to understand your needs and determine if our members would be aligned with your vision

Add your listing

Upon acceptance, your property will be listed on our booking system and promoted to our network of curated members

Activate your community

Our members aren’t your average residents, they are inspired to collaborate with you to add value to your community

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Ready to activate your property?

Transform your property into a generative coliving space and capitalize on the growing demand for community living.
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Community Requirements

You create the culture, we curate the conditions.

Our communities are as diverse as our members, which is why we diligently curate the properties that we partner with to ensure that our members’ needs are met and their expectations exceeded.

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Values Alignment

Your culture is your own, we simply require a vibe check to ensure that the values of our community members align with yours

Commons Areas

Sharing meals, stories and experiences is what makes living in community special, and can only happen when we gather in shared spaces

Private Bedrooms

To encourage long-term stays, and the introspection that is often found in solitude, we require private rooms for our members

Minimum Capacity

There isn’t a perfect number when it comes to living in community, however properties should accommodate at least six people comfortably

Coworking Equipped

To support the needs of our members, there should be dedicated spaces that accommodate remote workers and inspired collaborators

Furnished Rooms

Bedrooms and commons areas should be adequately equipped with furnishings and amenities to allow our members to live in comfort

Flexible Stays

Our geographically fluid members desire spaces (and policies) that accommodate stays anywhere from a week to a year — or longer

Broadband Internet

To ensure members are able to work remotely, we require minimum speeds of (↑) 25 Mbps and (↓) 3 Mbps  throughout the property

Utilities Included

To simplify the overall experience for you and our members, we ask that you include all shared expenses in the cost of the rent

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Community as a service.

Our community of changemakers are dedicated to living their purpose while co-creating the future we desire.
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Member Experiences

Shared experiences, meaningful connections, unforgettable memories.

Meet the changemakers, culture creators, visionaries and regenerative rebels who are coming together to write a new story for humanity. These are the incredible humans that call our communities home.

To say my life has completely shifted since my time at Cohere is an understatement. I am now on a full fledged life adventure where I am surrendered to what feels good. I believe that feeling of being in the unknown is getting easier knowing that others are in this same place of adventure with me.

Alexa Wildish

Cohere wasn’t a retreat or workshop. It wasn’t a job. It wasn’t a place or even a specific group of people. It was an emergent prototype of living a more beautiful life in community. During my time with Cohere I felt constantly inspired, uplifted, and celebrated for my contributions.

Elias Serras

It is amazing to be part of a group who are living their values in a very simple, physical way. Cohere provides the right balance of community- building and autonomy that allowed for me to feel welcome while still owning my needs and desires in the moment.

Karla Rasmusson

I met the founders in my homeland, Ecuador, and saw a bright light in their eyes that sparkled from a deep desire for a different system, lifestyle, economy and relationship with Mother Earth. So much gratitude for Cohere and profound excitement for what is coming.

Milene Broche

I lived, worked, played, connected and collaborated with the founders of Cohere and their greater network for both the Guatemala and Ecuador retreats. I experienced firsthand the abundant lifestyle they want to share and saw clearly that they embody the same values they hold true for Cohere.

Liam Bauer

The vortex of good vibes surrounding this community fills me on such a deep level that I’m flooded with waves of deep bliss on a daily basis. I feel deeply inspired and grounded being surrounded by my brothers and sisters who have done the deep inner work to stand strong in their authentic selves.

Dmitri Sunshine

Cohere provided community space in a veritable paradise! While I had my nose to the grindstone launching a new business, it was a blast to experience meaningful connections with people who have inspired future collabs and new passion projects. This is how I want to live my life!

Rowen Mikodah

The feelings of abundance, inspiration, and community that I experienced at Cohere is one that everyone should experience. Cohere has opened up a new doorway for all of us; one that leads to a healthier, livelier, more beautiful way to live.

Aaron Bugaj


Questions? We've got answers.

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Coliving Partnership

Together, we go farther.

By joining our network, you’ll belong to a global ecosystem of communities that are committed to living in right relations with one another and our planet.
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  • No listing fees (only booking)
  • CMS features are free for 30 days
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  • Members that align with your values
  • Highly motivated contributors
  • Your community vision realized