Live freely. Work remotely. Thrive together.

Cohere is a distributed network of co-living spaces that combines the value of owning a home with the freedom of renting.

Everything you need to live, work and thrive.

When your work is your passion and your colleagues are your friends, the line between work and play becomes increasingly blurred. We've designed our spaces to adapt to the changing times, meet the needs of the modern lifestyle and reflect the values of the cultural creative.

Live freely

Our spaces have been intelligently designed with the modern lifestyle in mind. Spacious open floor plans, rooftop gardens, private rooms and non-toxic materials are just a few perks we offer.

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Work remotely

We provide a collaborative environment for individuals and teams to turn their ideas into reality. Our facilitated processes and collaboration tools create the conditions for greater coherence.

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Thrive together

Equal parts innovation hub, intentional community and retreat center, our spaces provide the container for authentic connection, personal growth, open expression and frictionless collaboration.

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Live Freely

Life on your terms, not the terms of your mortgage.

We believe that home ownership and location independence shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Our members have the freedom to travel between a rapidly evolving network of locations while earning equity toward future stays. When we say 'live freely' we mean it.
  • Shared ownership
  • Membership perks
  • Flexible stays
  • Remote locations
  • Modern amenities
  • Sustainable living
Own a piece of home, without it owning you.

Our innovative model provides members with fractionalized ownership of a cooperative network of properties around the world. Why own one home when you can have many — without a mortgage or the maintenance.

All the benefits of city life, none of the hassle.

Social distancing and enforced lockdowns have taken the charm out of the city and left us feeling isolated and imprisoned by our surroundings. Our remote locations offer the freedom that only nature can provide, along with the companionship of a supportive community.

One membership, limitless possibilities.

The pay-to-stay model is outdated, so we're giving it an upgrade. For the cost of a studio apartment, you gain access to a global network of co-living spaces designed with the high-functioning remote worker in mind. No additional fees, no strings attached, no limitations.

Work Remotely

Take the road less traveled, more often.

You see the world differently, so we wouldn't expect you to conform to the same path as everyone else. Follow your heart, blaze your own trail, step into your purpose and discover new opportunities to unleash your creative genius.
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Emergent events
  • Collaboration tools
  • Expert mentorship
  • Mastermind groups
  • High-speed internet
Teamwork is dreamwork.

Open-source, distributed leadership and cross-functional teams have shown us that when we work together we go further. Our spaces encourage connection, our technology enables collaboration, and our facilitated processes deepen coherence.

Stop, collaborate and listen.

Our collaboration tools provide frictionless communication and increased productivity between projects and teams. Easily share documents, presentations, videos, and other types of media through our member portal.

Unleash your creative genius.

We've designed our spaces and our programming to provide the perfect balance of facilitation and flow to allow for the emergence of creative expression to unfold. We provide the container, you bring the genius.

Thrive Together

Experience coherence.

At the nexus of authentic connection, conscious collaboration and compassionate communication is the emergent field of coherence. From our site designs and open floor plans to our facilitated programming and custom collaboration tools, our spaces are built with coherence in mind.
  • Coherence building
  • Facilitated processes
  • Integrated wellbeing
  • Shared experiences
  • Community portal
  • Personal mentorship
Turn connections into friendships and ideas into reality.

Whether you're seeking a deeper connection to your team, your peers or yourself, members have access to facilitated workshops, emergent events, mastermind groups and, best of all, shared experiences with new friends.

Awaken to the highest expression of yourself.

At our core, we all desire to find meaning, ignite the passion within and connect with others walking the same path. Together, we can create a world that is better than you can ever imagine and leave a legacy that ripples across generations to come.

Integrated wellbeing means you come first.

We provide a full menu of wellness offerings, from personal growth and peak performance to yoga and meditation. Our network of professionally trained wellness practitioners, facilitators and coaches are available to tend to your every desire.

Seductively remote locations, adapted to the modern lifestyle.

We're securing some of the most remote land we can find in order to offer our members a distraction-free environment to live, work and thrive together.

Get your co- on.

Our members are comprised of entrepreneurs, creatives and technologists creating meaningful change in the world. Join our thriving community of makers, doers, dreamers and believers.

Get your co- on.

Our members are comprised of entrepreneurs, creatives and technologists creating meaningful change in the world. Join our thriving community of makers, doers, dreamers and believers.
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