Life on your terms, not the terms of your mortgage.

Belong to a global network of member-owned coliving communities that combine the value of homeownership and the flexibility of renting.

Coliving, with a purpose.

Our innovative model provides members with shared ownership of a network of coliving communities around the world. From proposing locations to fractionally investing in properties, members contribute throughout the entire lifecycle of the property.

Choose your homes

Join month-long coliving experiences to help determine which properties meet the needs of the community

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Secure your future

Fractionally invest in a curated portfolio of coliving properties and earn dividends as a shareholder

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Find your people

Belong to a community of change-makers that are coming together to write a new story for humanity

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Live together, grow together, invest together.

We're curating values-aligned people and purpose-aligned properties with the intention of creating shared spaces for changemakers to cohabitate, collaborate and co-own a piece of home. Join a curated cohort for a month-long immersive and contribute to building the future you desire.
  • Onsite assessments
  • Curated members
  • Curated properties
  • Coherence building
  • Cultural immersions
  • Facilitated processes

Own a piece of home without it owning you.

We believe that home ownership and location independence shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Our innovative model provides members the opportunity to fractionally invest in a curated network of properties around the world. Because why own one home when you can have many — without a mortgage or the maintenance?
  • Member-directed deal flow
  • Community vetted
  • Fractional ownership
  • Profit share dividends
  • Stable store of value
  • Redeemable shares

A sense of belonging, wherever you go.

At our core, we all desire to find meaning, ignite the passion within and connect with others walking the same path. Our values-aligned members have been curated to ensure a cohesive experience across our locations, providing a supportive community and meaningful connections wherever you go.
  • Coherence building
  • Curated community
  • Integrated wellbeing
  • Shared experiences
  • Cultural immersions
  • Conscious collaboration
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Secure your spot as a Founding Member

You’re invited to be among the first to join us in building a decentralized network of resilient coliving communities around the world. As a Founding Member, you belong to a curated community that is creating a new way of living — one that instills a sense of unity, purpose and meaning back into our lives.
  • Belong to a curated community
  • Discover your dream home(s)
  • Join month-long co:lab incubators
  • Earn equity for your contributions
  • Cobuy vetted coliving properties
  • Collaborate on impact projects
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Locations as unique as you.

We're securing the most epic properties we can find in order to offer an experience like no other. Join us as we operate a variety of locations — from jungle retreat centers to urban hubs — and directly contribute to evaluating, activating and investing in the properties you choose to call home.

Amplify your impact.

As a member of Cohere you belong to a curated community of purpose-driven individuals who have come together to write a new story for humanity — one that instills a sense of unity, purpose and meaning back into our lives. We believe that working together will always take us further, which is why collaboration is woven into the fabric of our culture.

Thriving inside of change.

As earth events intensify and systems continue to erode, our communities of values-aligned members — supported by resilient buildings, abundant water and integrated food production — create the conditions for the mutual thriving of people and planet. These communities will continue to expand over time — both in scope and scale — creating a global network of villages dedicated to intentional living.

Unlocking the pure potentiality of humanity.

By ensuring our basic needs are met — nutritious food, pure water, clean air, supportive community — we unlock the potential to activate our greatness by aligning our gifts with our passion and purpose. Our ecosystem of regenerative communities will serve as beacons of hope for those seeking to transcend the illusion of scarcity and live in harmony with one another, oneself and the natural world.
Live the change

Amplify your impact with a community of changemakers.

Join us in Guatemala this November as we synergize our individual genius in order to amplify our collective impact. This immersive incubator will be demonstrative of the impact this community can make in the world by coming together with a shared intention and opening ourselves to the magic of co-creation.
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