We're flipping homeownership on its head.

Our global network of coliving communities combine the flexibility of renting and the value of owning — without the burden of a mortgage or maintenance.

We're flipping homeownership on its head.

Our global network of coliving communities combine the flexibility of renting and the value of owning — without the burden of a mortgage or maintenance.

Ready, set. Let's co.

Belong to a global network of coliving communities designed for remote workers seeking a higher quality of life, deeper connection to community and frictionless collaboration.


Our members are comprised of changemakers, cultural creatives and impact entrepreneurs creating meaningful change in the world


Our spaces are designed to encourage a collaborative and supportive environment for members to turn their ideas into reality


Our regulatory-compliant security token provides members with shared ownership of a global network of coliving communities

Member Benefits

One membership, limitless possibilities.

Your membership allows you to travel freely amongst a global network of locations that integrate personal growth, professional development and spiritual wellbeing.

Member Pass

Gain access to our network of coliving communities around the world, and go wherever you flow

Limited Offer
Priority Booking

Get notified in advance of new locations opening, so you can be among the first to book a stay

Curated Community

Amplify your impact with the support of a curated network of global changemakers

Limited offer
Free Membership

Your first year of membership is on us, as we work together to create the communities we desire


Gain equity in the network by earning $COHERE security tokens for your contributions of skills and labor

Cobuy Properties

Opportunities to fractionally invest in a curated network of properties around the world

Community Hub

Access our private online community to meet new friends, view properties and book stays

Member Meetups

Join virtual and IRL meetups, events and workshops curated exclusively for members

Community Stewardship

Get paid to live the life of your dreams and become a manager of one of our communities

Rent to Earn™

Stop throwing your rent money away and turn it into Dynamic Equity that travels with you, wherever you go

Affiliate Perks

Score exclusive deals on products, services and experiences from a curated network of aligned brands


Turn your contributions to the community into free nights at any of our locations

Limited Offer

Secure your spot as a Founding Member

You’re invited to be among the first to join us in building a decentralized network of resilient coliving communities around the world. As a Founding Member, you belong to a curated community that is creating a new way of living — one that instills a sense of unity, purpose and meaning back into our lives.
  • Belong to a curated community
  • Discover your dream home(s)
  • Month-long coliving residencies
  • Earn equity for your contributions
  • Cobuy vetted coliving properties
  • Collaborate on impact projects
Apply to join
Only 500 spots available!
Community Hub

Your home away from home.

Access our private online community, where you can connect with other members, collaborate on projects and get preferred access to book stays at our properties

Flexible stays –
anytime, anywhere
Find out as soon as we open new locations and be first in line to book a stay
Get paid to
share your gifts
Discover opportunities to earn $COHERE security tokens through your contributions
Connect with
other members
Stay in touch with friends between travels and start planning your next adventure
Inform where
you want to live
Submit your property as a partner location or vote on the properties you want to bring online

Different, by design.

Unlike traditional offerings, our innovative ownership model lets us issue Dynamic Equity to our members — meaning you can travel freely between locations while creating financial abundance.
Equity opportunities
Flexible stays
Curated community
Purposeful projects
Wellness offerings
Cutltural experiences
No commitment
Limited Offer

Your first year of membership is on us.

For a limited time, we are opening our doors to a select group of dedicated individuals that are inspired to live together and collaborate on building the future we desire.

13 spots left
Usually $500/yr
Free membership is reserved for Founding Members and is valid for 12 months after membership activation
Curated community of changemakers
Private online community hub
Exclusive access to member events
Earn equity for your contributions
Month-long curated coliving residencies
Invest in a vetted network of properties
Priority booking at our locations (for life)

We love our members as much as they love us.

Our members are comprised of changemakers, cultural creatives and impact entrepreneurs creating meaningful change in the world.

To say my life has completely shifted since my time at Cohere is an understatement. I am now on a full fledged life adventure where I am surrendered to what feels good. I believe that feeling of being in the unknown is getting easier knowing that others are in this same place of adventure with me.

Alexa Wildish

Cohere wasn’t a retreat or workshop. It wasn’t a job. It wasn’t a place or even a specific group of people. It was an emergent prototype of living a more beautiful life in community. During my time with Cohere I felt constantly inspired, uplifted, and celebrated for my contributions.

Elias Serras

It is amazing to be part of a group who are living their values in a very simple, physical way. Cohere provides the right balance of community- building and autonomy that allowed for me to feel welcome while still owning my needs and desires in the moment.

Karla Rasmusson

I met the founders in my homeland, Ecuador, and saw a bright light in their eyes that sparkled from a deep desire for a different system, lifestyle, economy and relationship with Mother Earth. So much gratitude for Cohere and profound excitement for what is coming.

Milene Broche

I lived, worked, played, connected and collaborated with the founders of Cohere and their greater network for both the Guatemala and Ecuador retreats. I experienced firsthand the abundant lifestyle they want to share and saw clearly that they embody the same values they hold true for Cohere.

Liam Bauer

The vortex of good vibes surrounding this community fills me on such a deep level that I’m flooded with waves of deep bliss on a daily basis. I feel deeply inspired and grounded being surrounded by my brothers and sisters who have done the deep inner work to stand strong in their authentic selves.

Dmitri Sunshine

Cohere provided community space in a veritable paradise! While I had my nose to the grindstone launching a new business, it was a blast to experience meaningful connections with people who have inspired future collabs and new passion projects. This is how I want to live my life!

Rowen Mikodah

The feelings of abundance, inspiration, and community that I experienced at Cohere is one that everyone should experience. Cohere has opened up a new doorway for all of us; one that leads to a healthier, livelier, more beautiful way to live.

Aaron Bugaj

Here are some common questions you might have.

What's the difference between "Founding Member" and "Member"?

As a Founding Member you are a cornerstone in the foundation of Cohere and your early support is essential in the realization of this collective vision. As a result, you will receive the recognition you deserve by proudly displaying a Founding Member badge on your profile. You’ll also receive priority booking for life, which means you’ll get notified in advance of other members when new locations open. Your feedback at this stage will also inform the future of Cohere and the locations we bring online.

Why is there a membership fee?

Becoming a contributing member allows us to issue $COHERE securities in accordance with SEC regulations. A nominal recurring fee distributed across the network also creates an economy of scale that allows us to provide the best possible experience for our members while keeping living costs as low as possible.

Why is membership limited to 500 people?

To effectively manage the expectations of our members, we have limited the capacity of Founding Membership to align with our resources and roadmap. Due to the strong desire of our members to live in community, this constraint allows us to mitigate any potential imbalances on the supply side. 

What happens after the free trial?

For our Founding Members, we are covering your membership fee for the first year. We’ll send you reminders before your trial expires with more information about how to renew your membership.

What's included with membership?

The most immediate benefits are access to a curated community through our private online Hub, as well as the ability to book stays at any of our locations. You can see a full list of benefits here.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

You will lose access to the community and the ability to book a stay with Cohere. You always have the option to reactivate your membership, however the benefits that come with Founding Membership will not be reinstated.

Why is there an application process?

Our intention is to provide members with a supportive community and meaningful connections wherever they go. We carefully curate our members to ensure alignment of values and intention, creating a cohesive experience across our locations.

What is the application criteria?

Since our Founding Members will be pivotal in defining the culture of Cohere, we are selecting the most inspired applicants at this stage to ensure that we’re establishing a strong foundation before opening the doors to the wider public. We will assess applications based on our shared values, potential contributions to the community and desire to participate in expanding our collective vision.

How long does the application take to complete?

We recommend setting aside about 30-45 minutes to provide the degree of introspection that will be required for these questions.

What is the review process?

To ensure our members are a good vibe fit for the community, our selection process is rigorous and extensive. This application is the first step of that process and will be followed by a video interview with someone from our team.

What happens if my application isn't approved?

In most cases, if you're not selected to join the community at this time, it's not an indication that you are not a good fit for the community. We expect to reopen membership later this year and will review previously submitted applications again at that time.

Am I guaranteed a spot at a location?

Becoming a member doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to book a stay at one of our locations, as our capacity for the next year is limited. Rest assured the team is working hard to bring additional locations online and we will do our best to expand our capacity quickly.

How much will rent be when staying at one of the locations?

The occupancy fees at our properties will vary depending on the location and unit type you prefer. Detailed information regarding pricing will be published on the Community Hub as it becomes available.

How long can I stay at a location?

During this beta phase, in most cases we will be operating each location for one month while we assess the viability of the property as a community. You are welcome to stay the entire month or as short as two weeks.

How many locations do you have?

We will be operating four month-long residencies this year — between Costa Rica, Berlin, Bali, and Guatemala — and several more in the pipeline for next year. We will publish information on the Hub, website and socials as we secure more properties.

Are you able to accommodate children or pets?

Each location will be unique in our ability to accommodate children or pets; information can be found on the Hub and website pages for each location. Should you require assistance from a registered service animal, send us an email and we will do our best to find a solution that suits your needs.

What is your policy on couples/shared accommodations?

We have plenty of units to accommodate couples; so, if you are traveling with a companion, please let us know in your application and when you book your stay. For you both to stay together at one of our locations, you must both be members.

Are you able to accommodate specific dietary restrictions?

We strive to source our food from local organic producers whenever possible and will predominantly be serving plant-based, gluten-free meals. If you have specific dietary concerns that we should know about, please make sure to specify any restrictions or allergies you have when filling out your residency application.

Are your locations wheelchair accessible?

While inclusion is a core value of ours, we are currently unable to accommodate anyone who is in a wheelchair or has specific mobility needs due to the remote nature of our locations. As we work to improve this, please feel free to reach out to our team if you’d like to discuss individual needs and we’ll do our best to evaluate if we can accommodate you.

How do I earn equity?

Founding Members can earn $COHERE security tokens by contributing to the community in a variety of ways, both online and onsite at our properties. This can include becoming a community manager, teaching a yoga class, tending to the garden or holding a workshop about something you’re passionate about. In short, anything that provides value to the community is eligible to be compensated in equity.

Where can I find opportunities to earn equity?

Equity opportunities are published in the ‘Opportunities’ section of the Community Hub. Onsite opportunities are listed within the private page for that community, allowing residents of that community to view and apply to any available positions.

Will my membership fee or rent be used towards Cohere equity?

While we are working towards enabling this in the future, currently your membership and booking fees cannot be allocated toward equity in Cohere. In the meantime, you will be able to contribute skills, labor and expertise within our online and onsite communities to earn equity in Cohere.

How does the $COHERE security token work?

Our SEC-compliant security token is a cryptographic representation of future shares of equity in Cohere Network Ltd. Essentially, this means that we've tokenized the shares of the company and stored them on the blockchain, which provides more flexibility in how and when we can issue equity while providing greater liquidity for shareholders.

You belong here.

We’re recruiting a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens who are inspired to change the world. Be among the first to join us in building the future of home, together.
Apply for membership
  • Belong to a curated community
  • Discover your dream home(s)
  • Month-long coliving residencies
  • Earn equity for your contributions
  • Cobuy vetted coliving properties
  • Collaborate on impact projects