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Apr 29, 2022

A Retrospective Lens and Synchronicity

Emergence: A Path of Wondrous Curiosity as a Digital Nomad.

Documenting the origin of Cohere Network, my life as a digital nomad, and the evolutionary inward journey that takes place as we create home in the world, together.

Walk the trails of travel, nature, wellness, photography, and community with me as we discover their role in personal evolution. My feet touch these grounds daily and receive lessons about trust, joy, health, passion, and most substantially change - the essentialness of initiating, enduring, and inviting transformation.

Hello, and welcome to my inner world.

I'm Adora, a 35-year-old life wanderer. From continent to continent, culture to culture, I follow my internal impulses, discovering who I am and what I believe about myself. I am a bridge of my design, walking on it as I create it.

A Retrospective Lens and Synchronicity

I gradually met Cohere Network’s co-founders over the years, starting in 2010.

I first met Dakotah Apostolou through a mutual friend. I was invited to an impromptu taco lunch party at his sister’s house in Phoenix, Arizona. As soon as I saw him sitting by the pool taking in the sun, I remember having a moment of recognition. I knew him without knowing him. I felt a closeness with him without speaking to him but I didn’t see him again until 2018 at a meditation convergence in Boulder, Colorado, where the initial seeds of Cohere were developing.

A few years after my first passing encounter with Dakotah, I met Josh Burnett. It was a similar experience to meeting Dakotah. This time it was a birthday party at my house. I had never seen him before, but his name often floated around, as my roommate attended workshops with him. As soon as he walked in, I knew this was the Josh I kept hearing about.

It was an immediate connection. No introduction was needed between the two of us. We spent a good part of the night talking about matters of the world and inner self-reflection.

Over the following two years, we continued to bond over self-observation and development at every turn in life. The sense of purpose in crossing paths continued to grow deeper without a clear direction until early 2016 when he introduced me to Rennie Davis and Kirsten Liegmann on an introductory webinar for the Life Principle Training. The program created by both was centered around frequency-based mediations and gaining the tools and understandings of how changing ourselves is what changes the world. Josh and I grew deeper understandings of ourselves through the training and we went on to become coaches for the program supporting new participants in navigating embodiment of the information.  

I would like to take a moment to share about Rennie before I continue on.

The world knows Rennie Davis for his history of anti-war activism and being one of the Chicago Seven in the 1960s, but he was more than the world ever truly knew. He lived to create a new world by changing himself and inviting others to explore that for themselves. He was a core pillar in holding the vision for a world that lives in alignment with nature and welcomed everyone in their perfection for simply being a human being on a journey to evolve. He lived the 13 principles we all grew to learn, understand, and love for their simplicity and lessons. His mentorship and his dedication to a new world have had more impact on all of us than words could convey. In all of its values, Cohere is an expression of that impact.

Later in 2018, I met Devin Lyttle on one of the Life Principle Training webinars. I didn’t meet him in person until 2019, so this was a different connection.

Josh and Dakotah are outgoing, but Devin was more reserved than most, which intrigued me. I could sense that he was deep, without needing to say much about himself. I finally got to know him better through our co-living experiences in Guatemala and Ecuador this past year. I find him exceptionally sweet and humble and entirely driven to make a difference in the world.

The journey with all three has been an expansive one.

We have grown together as individuals and as members of a self-started community developed because every person wants to live a different way: in a more aligned way. We have not only been close friends, but I would call us evolutionary buddies at the bare minimum.

We have studied, self-reflected, meditated, worked, adventured, and retreated alongside each other for many years now. I continuously find myself inspired by them. They live and breathe their purpose. Their minds work in no other way but to create the world they want to live in, and they invite everyone else to come along. I am writing this introductory post because of the journey we have all shared.

New versions of ourselves have emerged as a consequence of our travel and co-living experiences together across Latin America for the last year. We have made global connections while deepening our own. We exchanged intimate details about our lives and cooked food together. We witnessed each other in moments of stress and constriction, then participated in gratitude circles. We exposed each other to new music and cared for each other when one or more of us weren’t feeling well. We dreamt of a new existence and lived it. There truly were times when we wondered if life can be that good all the time, especially in a time of global upheaval.

It is a profound experience to meet the people you know in your heart who are part of your world, and who invite you to allow the path in front of you to reveal itself, and also empower you to forge ahead, wherever it takes you.

This is my journey: From learning about impermanence at an early age to rooting into the desert to find myself and then discovering my home roaming the planet as a digital nomad and feeling the safety of being an individual inside of a group of people who share my vision for a different kind of existence through supporting individuation.

It is a dance of following the subtle sound waves that call me towards myself and understanding that community is a critical part of wellness.

I look forward to sharing more with you about my inner world and inviting you to preview what a day in the life of a Cohere member has entailed so far for me in future posts.

Love is yourself moving through you, allow it to emerge so you can soar.

In Love, Life, and Joy


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